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Industrial placements: Inside perspectives

“In July 2016, I was offered an internship at DuPont: the company famous for inventing Nylon, Lycra, Teflon, and Kevlar. As an animal science undergraduate, I was lucky enough to become part of their animal nutrition global innovation team, in the Industrial Biosciences sector in Marlborough, Wiltshire. Our product portfolio includes enzymes and probiotics.

“I was apprehensive about doing an industrial placement, particularly when I discovered that I would be the only one in my year. What if I don’t like it? What if it’s too much? What if I’m not prepared? These were the questions going through my mind, which I soon realised were completely normal. In the end, I weighed up the benefits and I decided to go for the internship here at DuPont.

“I have a passion for this field and the technicality of the position is what caught my attention. My role includes: analysing and translating trial data, reviewing new topics of interest, supporting product development, and helping to set up new trials, which involves liaising with international research facilities and authorities.

“I soon realised that I had made the right decision. Deciding to live in Reading (which feels like a home from home) and commuting to Wiltshire allowed me to continue to fulfill my role as President of the Animal Science Society and still feel part of University life.

“I am 4 months into my placement and I have become so much more fluent in things that I previously found challenging. There is only so far you can go with theory alone; it’s when you put it into practice that your knowledge and skills truly develop. If anyone gets the chance to do an industrial placement, I wouldn’t think twice about going for it.

“If you share a similar interest to me, I would highly recommend DuPont. They are an internationally renowned company with many opportunities in my field and beyond.”

Marco Crisci – Industrial Year, BSc Animal Science.

“Undergoing a year placement at DuPont has helped me broaden my experience and knowledge in the animal nutrition industry. I have become more confident in my research skills which helped me achieved my desired grade for my university degree. I am now back at the company after graduating to undergo another internship.

“For me, my placement was a year of supported learning and a chance to get stuck in and really push myself in an industry that I am really interested in. I recommend to anyone who is thinking of doing an industrial placement to get out there and do one! The benefits of a year’s work experience before you even graduate will set you above the rest.”

Rachel Richard – Graduate of The University of Reading

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