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How To Keep Your Skin Glowing In The Winter

Now the weather is changing, it’s only typical for your face to either break out due to excess oil or tighten because it’s lacking in hydration. So I’ve included some of the best beauty skincare products for this fall and winter as well as my top techniques that will keep your skin glowing.  

To start, you may think your skin is fine in the colder weather and will keep those pores at bay but in fact, it’ll do exactly the opposite. In cold temperatures, your skin has to work ten times harder to hydrate itself, therefore if you only consume your regular amount of liquids a day, it won’t be enough. No matter what season, your skin will produce excess oil to make up for the lack of water in your system, hence you must hydrate your skin. Drink at least 3 litres of water and no more than 5, this is essential for those who drink a lot of coffee because caffeine (although a stimulant for the brain) actually is a dehydrator for the body.

To keep your face clear of oil and promote healthy water levels in your face, use Nivea’s Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash, which contains exfoliating beads that help scrub the dirt out without being too abrasive. With the addition of ‘Hydra IQ’, the cleanser encourages retention of water in your face, reducing grease and maintaining natural moisture.

If you haven’t figured out yet, toner is literally everyone’s skin-saver as after cleansing your face, the toner helps to close your pores and lock in moisture. For those with sensitive skin, use Simple’s Soothing Facial Toner which won’t give you that sting as it is 100% alcohol free! Or if you’re more into your oil-infused toners, I recommend Pixi’s Glow Mist that gives your skin a hydration boost and enhanced natural glow. To follow up, use a strong moisturiser like Garnier’s Moisture+Radiance that contains citrus extracts helping to provide your skin with that Vitamin C boost and natural illuminance. Make sure before applying the moisturiser, you warm it up in between your fingertips as it promotes faster and easier absorption into the skin.

One major skin must is a facial mask. For skin to feel new and refreshed for longer, use a mask once a month to restart your cleansing cycle, this helps rejuvenate skin by waking it up! The mask will extract all the dirt build up over the month and will leave you skin feeling softer and smoother. I recommend Sanctuary Spa’s 5-Minute-Thermal-Detox that contains charcoal which offers a strong purification and deep pore cleansing properties.

With shorter days and what it seems like every day 4 hour night sleeps, make sure you keep your eyes looking as bright as ever with La Roche-Posay’s Pigmentclar dark circle skin-evening corrector, which will help hide those dreaded 9am eye bags.

For your precious hands, I suggest using The Body Shop’s Almond Hand & Nail Cream as it doesn’t just smell fab, but leaves your hands feeling baby soft and smooth for up to 6 hours, even after washing. To finish off, why not chose a winter-inspired nail polish like frosted blue or deep maroon.

So, don’t forget my top 5 tips for beautiful, clear skin and ensure you get your beauty sleep- sleep helps the body regenerate through processing all nutrients from the day, meaning if you eat well, you sleep well! Good luck pampering!

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