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photo credit: Louise Ingham

Homemade Halloween Treats

Halloween is brilliant, no matter what age you are. When you’re a kid you can dress up and go pester the neighbors for sweets, and when you’re older you can dress up and go pester the bar staff for drinks. Unfortunately shouting “trick or treat!” at them probably will not work.  

Whether you’re having a night in scaring yourself silly with horror movies or you’re planning pre drinks round yours, there are lots of homemade Halloween-style food and drink you can prepare.

Jelly hand:

Start by making the jelly and raspberry is best to give the hand a bloody look. Once it’s cooled, pour the jelly into a new rubber glove and leave enough room to be able to tie it up. Then put it in the freezer overnight. Once it’s frozen, carefully cut the rubber glove away from the jelly and you’re left with a severed hand made from jelly! Even if it starts to break up this doesn’t matter, it just increases the gruesome effect.

Credit: Louise Ingham

Credit: Louise Ingham

Marzipan eye balls and severed fingers:

A simple but effective snack which is quick to make, and all you need is marzipan and food coloring. Roll the marzipan into balls and decorate with bloodshot eyes, and for the fingers just roll them into cylinder shapes and decorate with blood.

photo credit: Louise Ingham

photo credit: Louise Ingham

Zombie Punch:

If you’re in the mood for a creepy cocktail this is a delicious one to serve to all your guests. Mix 10 tbsp of brown sugar and 300ml of lemon juice and stir until the sugars dissolved. Then add 300ml of white rum, 300ml demerara rum, 300ml of pineapple juice, 300ml of lime juice and 300ml of passion fruit syrup. You can either leave it in a large jug for people to help themselves or if you’re feeling creative hollow out a pumpkin and use that as a homemade Halloween punch bowl.





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