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High street vs online: how do you shop?

In recent years there has been a massive change in the way in which people shop. Traditionally, the only way someone could update their wardrobe was by fighting against the hustle and bustle of the UK high street in order to bag that limited edition Topshop dress. Usually finding that that dream dress only remains in the wrong size. Nowadays shoppers can bag the dress they want with a simple click of a button, ensuring no disappointment and no wasted trip in to town.

Online shopping has introduced a new type of market. Online stores such as Boohoo and MissGuided provide up to date fashion at the lowest possible price, undercutting any of their high street competitors. Online consumers receive cheap up to date trends more efficiently due to the dynamic nature of the online market.

Recently in the news there has been a large buzz around the decrease in sales on the high street, with the undercutting of prices by online stores being largely to blame. However a recent report by the BBC showed that 70% of consumers still prefer to purchase their items in store. The high street enables the consumer to try their products on before committing to spending their money. With the majority of us having less cash than ever, people approach money spending as a ‘quality rather than quantity’ activity. It seems that although online fashion sites are offering bargains and simplicity when it comes to updating an individuals wardrobe, the high street still reigns as the most popular method for the consumer to spend their money.

Personally, I like to touch a product before I commit to purchasing, an image on a website just isn’t enough. Being able to try my dream dress on is a necessary bonus, one I’m happy to spend a bit more of my hard earned cash on. Online stores are great for your staple white vest top, but when it comes to buying a one off luxury item the high street will always be my first and last stop.

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