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Glossier comes to the UK

If you haven’t heard of Glossier by now, where have you been hiding? The brand launched in New York City back in 2014, but in recent months has created a media storm online with celebrities and bloggers going crazy over their skincare and makeup products. Emily Weiss started Glossier after creating her own website, ‘Into the Gloss’, where she shared posts with fellow beauty junkies related to skincare. The company actively promotes a ‘more skin, less makeup’ message, selling products that will leave skin glowing and dewy.

As of Monday 9th October, Glossier now ships to the UK, with free standard delivery on orders over £25. There are also a lot of 10% discount codes floating about on the internet, so you can make further savings when stocking up. I was desperate to try out some of their talked about products, so placed an order quicker than you could say ‘new skincare’. A few days later, my Glossier box arrived. I’m a sucker for some lovely product packaging so was delighted to see that there was a white box within the cardboard outer with the simple G logo in millennial pink. I opened the magnetic box to find a pink pouch with the Phase 1 set inside, complete with a sample of their cleaner and perfume. The box also contained some very cute stickers, which relate to the cartoon icons they use on their website. Before even testing the products, I was impressed with the minimalist packaging inspired by tubes of paint.

The Phase 1 set is the must-have for any Glossier newbie as it contains three of the brand’s cult products: the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser, and Balm Dotcom. This set costs £35, which places the brand’s prices as mid-range. By buying the three products in a set rather than individually, you can make a considerable saving. Now that I’ve given these three skincare products a proper test, let me share with you my honest thoughts…

Balm Dotcom

The balms come in six different flavours: original (fragrance-free); birthday (sweet scent with a subtle shimmer finish); rose (leaves a subtle pink sheen); cherry (with a sheer red tint); mint (un-tinted with a refreshing minty scent); and coconut (un-tinted and tastes like summer cocktails). I chose the mint scent, and so far it does not disappoint. Unlike many other lip balms, the Balm Dotcom does not leave your lips feeling sticky or overly glossy. As someone who carries around lip balm in their bag 24/7, it’s safe to say I like to have hydrated lips at all times. When squeezing the tube, the product has quite a thick paste-like texture that melts into a balm when you apply it to your lips. The mint flavour creates a tingling sensation on your lips which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally felt as though my lips were instantly hydrated. You also don’t need to reapply this lip balm every 5 minutes like you sometimes have to do with other lip products. (Photo: Francesca Williams)


Priming moisturiser

Out of the three products in the Phase 1 set, the priming moisturiser has received the least press. Despite this, I believe this product could be a dark horse in Glossier’s skincare range. The moisturiser has a thin consistency, which makes it really easy to blend into the skin. It feels lightweight and leaves a lovely glowing finish that isn’t greasy or shiny — ideal for oily and combination skin types. The priming moisturiser therefore provides a great base for foundation, whilst leaving skin feeling hydrated and plumped. The product isn’t heavily scented, which would be appealing to people with sensitive skin.


Milky jelly cleanser

The Milky Jelly cleanser has received a lot of mixed reviews on the internet. As the name would suggest, the cleanser has a jelly like consistency that dissolves into the skin effortlessly. It has a light scent of rose which is not overpowering and doesn’t linger once you’ve rinsed off the cleanser. It feels like it does great things for your skin, leaving your face feeling soft and clean, but not stripped dry. This doesn’t work as effectively as a cleansing oil in removing all makeup, including waterproof mascara, but it is ideal as a second cleanse or as a refreshing face wash in the morning.


I’m excited to try more of Glossier’s product range, in particular their makeup. On the list of products I want to test include the ‘Cloud Paint’ cream blushers, ‘Boy Brow’ gel, and ‘Stretch’ concealer. I believe this brand will continue to grow from strength to strength within the beauty industry over the forthcoming months. Hopefully a Glossier showroom will make its way from NYC to London very soon!

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