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Essential relaxation – Boots Budget Beauty review

Summer & Stress-free skin

Summer is a great time for uni students — you finish earlier than most schools, so you can skip those long queues and you’ve got months ahead of you for reunions, BBQs, day trips, holidays, festivals, placements, and so much more. But with all these great plans you’ve been saving up for since October, planning with friends since last year, or even just waiting for the opportunity to do since forever, comes preparation and travelling that can feel like high-level endurance training.

Arguably, this time of relaxation (or work, depending on your schedule) requires just as much planning as your old revision timetable — long journeys in hot sunshine, even spending whole days in the sun (just hope you don’t get sunburnt). 

Let’s say you’ve got back from camping at a festival — your skin is parched from making the most of the sunshine whilst we’ve still got some, but also feeling somewhat grim from minimal access to a shower, leaving a triple threat of sand, sun cream, and sweat — which does not feel pleasant. Or maybe you spent the day at the beach, and the sun, sand, and salt water have done a seriously severe exfoliating job.

You’ll be looking for skin hacks that’ll give your skin some of its pep back, so look no further than the Boots Essentials range. This review will cover an everyday eye gel and a clay mask to use more sparsely. 

First: Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel

Price: £1.50

Skin types: All

When to use: Morning and night

Suitable for tired, puffy eyes as this cooling gel is specifically for that delicate area around the eyes. Using just a small amount, massage into the eyes. I would recommend starting in the inner corners and working outwards. The gel absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel sticky, just leaving you feeling refreshed. Feel free to use more often throughout the day as you need to. This lightweight gel is ideal for the summer after layering sticky sun cream on your skin for hours on end.

Because this is quite small, it’s easy to keep on you and isn’t going to take up much space!

Second:  Boots Essentials Cucumber 3-minute Clay Mask

Price: £1.50

Skin types: All

When to use: Once a week

If sheet masks aren’t for you (after all, spending 20 minutes sat doing precious nothing looking like Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise isn’t the most thrilling thing), try out this quick clay mask. When it says 3 minutes, you really can leave it on for 3 minutes and feel a positive difference. The kaolin clay is good for cleansing and exfoliating the skin by absorbing excess oil from the skin. Make yourself a cold drink, settle down in the cool of the evening with some music and let your skin have its own break. After those 3 minutes, the mask washes off effortlessly without feeling greasy, slimy, or on the other end of the spectrum, drying on your skin.

Tried these products? Leave your reviews in the comments below! Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!

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