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Photographed by Sukpreet Kaur

Embroidery: A New Season Means a New Trend

If you’ve been able to pop into the shops recently, you would have seen the great new trend of the
embroidery design. Patterns and intricate designs are woven into practically anything from jackets to
jeans. The applique approach to fashion has been respected not only by high street retailers such as
Topshop and River Island but also top designers like Dolce and Gabbana and Alexander McQueen,
especially for their summer 2016 collections. Embroidery has been around for centuries weaving in
and out of style, and it looks like it making its way into everyone’s wardrobe this autumn.
The style crept into shops mid-last year with mainly floral patterns on jeans for a chic burst of colour
into your outfit, if you’re bold enough. These items are paired best with a plain t-shirt or equivalent
for a casual day to day look. The notorious design is usually portrayed through bold yet dainty
flowers on the back of shirts, on blouses and themed throughout dresses. More recently for the
autumn/winter collection retailers have stocked up on a lot of embroidered clothing, specifically
those with an oriental spin. Chinese dragons are a key staple as they are typically beckoned to life in
hues of red, orange and green corresponding to autumn for that perfect outfit. However, the Chinese
inspired look isn’t only through dragons, designers are using floral motifs too with orchids,
chrysanthemum (the flower associated with autumn) and plum blossom (the flower associated with
This style is easy to create with existing clothing pieces if you have the skill to sew in patterns and
designs but if not, fear not! New items appearing in the ‘accessories’ section of shops are iron on
patches, so you can customise your own look making your outfit one of a kind whilst showing off
your personality.

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