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E.L.F Lip Exfoliator Review

I am a huge fan of ELF’s products. Everything I’ve tried eventually became a staple in my beauty routine especially their primers, so I had high hopes when the lip exfoliator arrived.

I went for the sweet cherry flavour, which smelled surprisingly delicious as opposed to being overly-chemical-ly as many scented lip products do (Lip Smackers, I’m looking at you). However, if cherry is not for you, they also offer coconut, rose, pink grapefruit, mint and even unscented.

Whilst I had high hopes for this product, I wasn’t expecting miracles but miracles I got. Winter has ruined my lips with the cold and the dry central heating. I’ve tried pretty much everything I could to get them back in shape, but they’ve been flaky and sore and generally in bad shape. I’ve been using this lip exfoliator for about a week now, and my lips have never in my life looked this good.

They’re smooth, they’re soft, and it’s all thanks to this little tube of magic. I use it twice a day, but I started noticing the change after the first couple of uses. It’s basically a sugar scrub encased in a really good lip balm. If that wasn’t enough, the end of the tube pops off to reveal a tiny secret compartment of just balm, and if you accidentally leave it on top of a radiator (it happens), it recovers fine if you cool it back down to normal room temperature!

Here’s the best part  – much like most of ELF’s products, it’s really cheap! For just £4.50 you can have the greatest lips of your life. And then there’s the added bonus of buying ELF products – they frequently will send you bundles of freebies (full size) if you spend over £25. That’s how I got the lip scrub in the first place – it came as part of a free bundle of about 7 products when I last stocked up on primer.

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