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Dogs- Adopt, don’t buy

I’ve always been a dog person so I have always had them from puppies. Before 2 years ago I had never even considered adopting an adult dog because of all of the possible complications and let’s face it, puppies are just really cute. So, when I found out that we were rescuing a 5 year old mini schnauzer from Spain I was sceptical. Two years on and I can’t imagine life without her. Here are my top 5 reasons why I think adopting is better than buying. 


  1. No toilet training. Puppies are cute but the mess they make is it. Adopting an adult dog meant that we didn’t have to deal with that particular problem 
  2. It’s cheaper. Buying a pedigree can cost in excess of £800. We only paid for Molly’s medical costs and even that was optional. 
  3. You are giving them a second chance at life. Molly’s previous life was evident when we first got her, from her damaged ear to her overwhelming fear of men. Now she is so sweet and you would never know about her tough past. It’s amazing to know that she will be happy for the rest of her life.  
  4. They normally need less training. When we got Molly, despite trying out every command in the book, she was unresponsive, so we assumed that she had never been taught anything. After some thought we decided to try out some commands in Spanish and she responded to them all. With a bit of trial and error she learnto respond in English too so now we have a bilingual dog.  
  5. There’s more variety. If you know that you can’t keep a dog for 15 years then you can adopt a senior dog. You may have them for less time than you would have a puppy but you can feel happy knowing that you made their final years great. You can also find almost every breed imaginable in rescue homes across the country to suit any household.  

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