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Dear Mr Magnetic – How Do I Distract Myself on Valentine’s Day?

Dear Mr Magnetic,

I need advice on how to deal with Valentine’s day this year, but not for the reasons you’d think.

Only just last month I ended my relationship with my girlfriend of two years after I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she adds milk to her tea bag before she adds the hot water. Now I’m faced with the daunting prospect of spending Valentine’s day alone. As well as this, most of my friends have recently got themselves in serious relationships, so that rules out spending the day with them instead. Now before the day comes, do you have any advice for what I can do to distract myself?


Loner Lee


Dear Loner Lee

First of all, without sounding horrifically cynical, Valentine’s day is basically a day invented by the high street, so try not to let too much of the social pressure get in your head. If not, you may end up doing something you regret, such as blowing the dust off of your tinder app and hurling out some cringe worthy chat up lines. Instead of this let’s ditch the desperation and focus on just making it through the day. Essentially, the way I see it you really have two major options to take.

The first being to completely invert, draw the curtains and prevent that rose tinted sunlight from touching any surface in your room. Surround yourself with some decent food and sit in front of your computer, and use it like a time machine by mindlessly browsing and gaming for 24 hours straight. Some might consider this a bit extreme and of course there’s the problem of becoming an unapproachable hermit, but on the bright side you might save yourself a bit of money!

If you’re not completely sold on that option, then there is at least one more half decent one to consider. That is to make your own plans for the day, run some errands and keep yourself busy, whether that just means grocery shopping or trying a new hobby. Make the day yours, and try to turn it into something positive, lest you end up hissing at of the couples that you pass in the street.

Best of luck when the day comes, and remember you’re better off finding someone in your own time rather than feeling that pang of regret after your loneliness has worn off.


Mr Magnetic


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