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Budgeting Tips for the Struggling Student

We are nearing the end of the year, and are probably getting to be as broke as we will ever be this year. Here are a few tips I have found useful to keep my afloat:

THE WEEKLY SHOP: I’ve found it useful to keep all my supermarket receipts together in one place in my bedroom, so I know how much I’m spending on average on food each week. It also helps when ordering online, as I can look back over the essentials and know what it is I need to stock up on. Take advantage of offers and rollbacks!

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NIGHTS OUT: We all know that the cheapest night out is at 3Sixty. I’ve found that what makes it even cheaper is taking cash out with me rather than my card; it means that I’m more careful with my drinks spending, and it eliminates the loss risk!

FASHION: I’m personally a fan of ‘charity shop chic’. Yes, a lot of the clothing you will find in charity shops is what your Grandma would wear, but there are usually a lot of big brands on the rack, such as Zara and Topshop, except at a price of £2 rather than £52! There are so many charity shops in Reading town centre to be taken advantage of and I highly recommend checking them out.

TRAVEL: Invest in a student bus card that can be topped up with journeys. Or make an upbeat playlist, stick those earphones in, and walk to town! It takes roughly 40 minutes on foot from Whiteknights campus to the town centre, and you’ll feel great having walked the distance.

LOYALTY CARDS: I, for one, have a purse filled with loyalty cards, from coffee shops to stationery stores. Look out for them on counters; points accumulate and can get you cash back, and everyone loves a free coffee.

Hopefully these are some tips you can take on board, and you don’t find yourself resorting to becoming a hermit.

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