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Boot Camp

Whatever you intend to study at university, keeping fit is an important part of university life. Everyone knows about the importance of a balanced lifestyle, however it is often difficult thing to achieve, so what can you do? 

The SportsPark is arguably your best outlet in this regard as it boasts a gym, exercise classes and supports the university sports teams all year round. As I once accidently found myself in a dance aerobics class, I can confirm the benefit of group classes for overall entertainment and fat burning. At just £20 a month for students it is also a cheap option.

After the SportsPark, the next best way to keep fit is to join a university sport team, which will give you a great way to keep fit through regular exercise, hopefully making a few friends along the way. Clubs such as swimming, athletics and invasion games such as football and hockey are all fantastic for aerobic fitness. Clubs like these cater for a large amount of members so it is more than likely that you will find a level that suits your own fitness and ability.

Exercise is just one facet of keeping fit, we mustn’t forget to consider the importance of a healthy diet. Keeping to the mantra, “treat your body as a temple” is always a good start for anybody and simply this saying means look after yourself. Certainly, the lure of fast food, takeaways and alcohol will be too much for many students once they start university however such students will see their waistlines widen and their mood worsen because of this.

Being different is good, so I say stand out from the crowd and follow your own healthy diet. Give a salad a go, give alcohol a miss and why not enjoy a handful of blueberries as you stroll around campus with a smile on your face!

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