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Autumn/Winter Makeup Tutorial



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The latest autumn/winter makeup trends are here! With classic but dramatic eyeliner and deep violet lipstick, this tutorial will help you achieve that sultry sexy winter look.

Main makeup products needed:

Superdrug’s own brand of makeup, at only £1.99, 2true’s eyeliner is the cheapest and most effective eyeliner in the shops.

Kate Moss’s lipstick from Rimmel London colour 107. Costing £5.49 this lipstick is great for creating wine coloured lips.


  1. Squeeze liquid foundation (I prefer to use MAC but other foundations such as Maybelline Superstay 24 hours foundation are also good) onto your hand, using a foundation brush and apply evenly.
  2. Apply powder foundation over the face.
  3. If like me you love your blusher, try to resist too much application and only use a small amount on the cheeks to avoid makeup overload.
  4. Apply the liner on the outer corner of the lid, into an outline of a flick shape.
  5. Join the flick with a thin line across the lid all the way to the inner corner of your eye.
  6. Fill in the flick from step one then move across the thin line, eliminating any bumps to create a smooth stroke.
  7. Whilst waiting for the eyeliner to dry, parting the lips slightly, start applying the lipstick to the middle of your top lip. Use the tip of the lipstick at the peaks, pushing the lipstick downwards and then filling in rest of the lip.
  8. Do the same for the bottom lip, start in the middle and move the lipstick from side to side. Open your mouth to make sure the corners of your lips are also filled in.
  9. To finish off, curl the eyelashes and add mascara, applying more to the outer corners of your eyelashes to create an eye fluttering effect.

The best thing about this look is its adaptability. Use this combination of lipstick and eyeliner for a sophisticated evening or night out. Although if it’s an everyday look you’re after, wear only the eyeliner with nude lips or wear the lipstick with just mascara.

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