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Be Spooky All Autumn Long with Hallowe’en Daywear

For some, Hallowe’en (and not Christmas) is the most wonderful time of the year. What’s not to love? The leaves are turning, the days are getting shorter, and it’s okay to binge watch scary movies for an entire month! If your soul is as dark as your humour, you need an outfit to match. I went in search of clothes that I could wear to class, work, and anywhere in between, in an effort to win best dressed this Autumn.


I started my search at Primark, because it’s the pinnacle of affordable style. They don’t have a lot to work with clothes-wise in the store, but they do have a new range of Halloween makeup, homewares, and jewellery that’s worth checking out for costume and party purposes. Plus, Casper is everyone’s favourite friendly ghost, and this tee glows in the dark, too! Their selection online isn’t anything to scream about, so I’d definitely stick to their makeup sets and shop elsewhere for tees, etc.


Speaking of Casper, the trend continued with Topshop. Not only did they not carry any cute Halloween tees in store, but they seem to love Casper too. Pull this hoodie on and stumble out into the night, with a casual style that says “just here for the boos”. On that note, I googled their website, and the only tee they have is a very cute cropped top with a sparkly ghost (out of stock at time of writing). The search continued.


The Topman online store for daywear was disappointing, with socks being their spookiest item of clothing. Skulls, eyeballs, sugar skulls, and pumpkins will definitely bring a pop of colour to your wardrobe, even if they are just peeking out of your shoes. They do have actual costumes available, though, if you’re stuck for what to wear on the 31st.


Since I was striking out in clothing stores, I wandered into the Victoria’s Secret Pink store to see if they had any spook-worthy clothing (they didn’t). But I did manage to find some cute slogan underwear! With these, you can truly embody Halloween from head-to-toe.


My last stop on the mystery tour was New Look. Again, struck out with anything truly spooky, but I did find a cute dress that, in the right light and with the right accessories, could definitely be witchy.


Their online store, however? Blew everyone else out of the water. They have the usual makeup and accessories, but they also have dresses, leggings, and plenty of cute tees with slogans like “Scary movie and chill?” and “Bump in the night”. My personal favourite was a black slogan tee with “Witch please” in chalk white letters. That’s my kind of aesthetic.


I didn’t search every store in town, by any means, but I would definitely recommend online shopping over wandering hopelessly round the stores in person. Far more variety, if you don’t mind not being able to try the stuff on (not an option for everyone, I know). But if you can, embrace the time of year and avoid leaving the house. Stay indoors and get spooky attire from the comfort of your own sofa (preferably in themed pajamas). Happy trick or treating!

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