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Credited to Abel & Cole

Abel and Cole Box – (Student) Review : Leek, Squash and Almond Risotto

So, I got asked if I’d like to try an Abel & Cole box, and never being one to turn down food, of course I agreed. My new Abel & Cole Driver, Victor, delivered The One-Pot Wonder box to my door, as I found out on a hand-written note, which was very personalised and convenient, and the contents were fresh and beautiful when they arrived. Reading’s delivery day seems to be a Monday, which works perfectly for when you forgot to go to the supermarket at the weekend.
Credited to Sarah Udin
In my box, I got: all of the ingredients for the risotto (which serves 6!!!!) plus 2 oranges, 2 apples, 2 pears and a big bag of parsnips! All I thought was “that’s a lot of fruit and veg to keep me going!”, and not only did it keep for 4 days after opening, it kept its quality and freshness with no problem.
As I’m a student, mostly just cooking for one, I waited for a day when I knew my housemates would want in on a nice, hot, home-cooked meal that was also healthy and unpacked my box after a long day in the library!


The ingredients for the risotto serving 6 people were:

2 Leeks,
1 Butternut Squash,
2 Garlic cloves,
2 vegetable stock cubes,
500g risotto rice,
35g flaked almonds,
a handful of sage leaves.

The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, and although I would have done a couple of steps in a different order, I made sure to follow the recipe to fully experience the Abel&Cole flavours. We also found there was going to be too much food if we used all of the risotto rice, so I’ve still got about 100g left over which is a bonus! The sage and the almonds were two flavours I don’t use very often in the kitchen, as I don’t always have them on hand, but my 3 ‘mmm-ing’ housemates all agreed through huge mouthfuls that both the flavour of the sage and the texture of the almonds added something unexpected and greatly appreciated, especially as risotto is one-of my go-to recipes it was nice to learn something new and exciting to improve what I normally make. My only real criticism would be that the recipe took longer than expected from the recipe card, but maybe I’m just a slow chopper…

So not only did 4 of us eat good-sized portions, I have some leftover for lunch today, plus leftover risotto rice, the possibility of roast parsnips or soup, enough fruit and veg to counter the alcohol associated with being a student, and a recipe card so I don’t have to worry about forgetting the secrets of this delicious recipe.

Credited to Sarah Udin

Cost: £14.50 for One-Pot Wonder box, but they have loads and loads of different kinds of vegetable and meal boxes available, with deals on at the moment such as “Enter the code HELLO17 for a free cookbook in your first delivery and 4th box free.” You can also get 50% off your 1st and 4th One Pot Wonder box, plus a free foodie surprise when you enter the code STUDENT_GRUB at the checkout! These are exclusive student deals so you should really take advantage.

Overall, I would recommend getting veggie deliveries like this, as it saves time going to the supermarket and trying to decide what to cook. Although I don’t think it’s particularly cheaper than the supermarkets, it’s definitely a way to commit to at least 2 of your 5 a day passing your lips, all while supporting local organic farmers.

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