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Photographed by Sarah Kenchington

Days on Dartmoor

Sometimes it can be good to get away from the hectic buzz of things. At times, whilst the ride is exhilarating, life can get too fast, and you need to unwind for a few days. With the Easter Holidays fast approaching, and an overwhelming sense of stress beginning to get to us, a group of friends and I began to plan a few days away down in Devon; specifically to Dartmoor.  

We all have those places which hold special feelings and memories for us, and for me that place is, without a shadow of a doubt, Dartmoor. Many hours growing up have been spent hiking across it, discovering new Tors, rivers and viewpoints. In fact, the four friends I went with over Easter came into my life due to Dartmoor itself. Simply being back there puts smiles onto all of our faces. It draws us in like nowhere else.

The week immediately after Easter the whole UK was blessed with stunning weather, so we picked our time well. When we’ve been there before for event trainings, we’ve been weighed down by huge packs, whereas this time we had three day bags between the five of us. There was therefore no point at which any of us felt “Ugh this is exhausting” – it was just fun and freeing.

Climbing to the top of the North Moor called Leather Tor, we could see for miles across all of Dartmoor and right down to Plymouth. Yes, we were a touch sunburnt, but we didn’t care.

It made me consider how sometimes it’s good to get away from busy day to day life, and take some time out. In an age where we are always connected to our busy schedules and technology, it’s easy to forget there still are places where you truly can escape. So to anyone who feels that an escape is well needed – I would thoroughly recommend a few days on Dartmoor.

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