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  • February 8, 2022
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Korfball goes to Cardiff

Saturday the 6th of November 2021 saw the return of a highly anticipated Korfball event, the Cardiff Fresher Tournament.  Most of you have probably never heard of Korfball before, and never had most of our club freshers, so this was a great opportunity for the freshers to get some game time in a welcoming environment. Korfball is a Dutch sport which is a mixture of basketball, netball and handball. It’s a mixed-gender sport with teams of 8, made up of four boys and four girls. Attack and defence divisions switch ends every two goals so team members are able to play all positions and everyone has the chance to shoot.

We started the day bright and early, as we had to travel to Cardiff from Reading. We hired a minibus for this trip as it allowed more people to sit together and to get to know each other. Once arriving in Cardiff it was straight into game time.

The day was split into 20 minute games (a normal Korfball game is around an 1 hour), playing against 15 other teams. These teams included some universities such as; Exeter, Southampton, Bristol, Cardiff and Swansea, but also some Welsh city teams like Cardiff City and Newport. We had numerous games, in which the freshers could learn to play Korf alongside the returners, helping to build their confidence and learn the rules of the game. It was a fantastic day of play as we made the 3rd & 4th decider match against Newport Centurions 2, in which Newport Centurions won 1-0. Though we came 4th out of 16 teams, which is a fantastic result and one we are very proud of.

After the tournament we headed back to a village hall as we stayed the night in Cardiff. Whilst we waited for the other teams to arrive at the hall, we ordered pizza and played some board games. Uno was very popular and brought out the more competitive spirit in some of our team mates. The university teams from Southampton, Cardiff, Exeter and Bristol all joined us in the hall for some drinks before some left for a night out at Cardiff’s SU, whilst the rest of the team played some more games and headed to bed before an early departure time the next morning.

Overall, Cardiff Freshers Tournament was a resounding success, not only in where we placed on the scoreboard, but also in getting to know our new members as well. We can’t wait for next year’s tournament already!

Written by Sophie Peabody

Edited by Sophie Jordan

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