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The beauty of working for Arbonne: the multiple-perk alternative to a part-time job at university.

While a part-time job can offer considerable financial help to students during university, for those who have busy timetables and multiple deadlines, this may not be an option.

But what if you could earn an income from your phone by working for just a few hours per week? Meanwhile opening the door to a new career and promoting vegan, cruelty free beauty products?

When a lady from Berkshire reached out to me about her beauty business and the huge benefits and freedom joining the company could have for me, I was keen to find out more.

Claire Nash- business owner and independent consultant at Arbonne- gives an insight into the business and the limitless potential that membership of the brand has to offer students.

What products do Arbonne offer?

“You can buy anything from toothpaste and deodorant, to the most incredible skincare that offers real results. Make up, nutrition products and sports aids are also on the product list. Everything is clean, safe, vegan, cruelty free and kosher.”

What do your day-to-day tasks include?

“My prime responsibility is to share my enthusiasm for the business and products. I spend 1-2 hours a day reaching out to people in my network via texts, coffee meet-ups, zoom calls and events.”

What long term benefits does working for the business provide?

“It depends on your commitment. It’s not a get rich quick business but the beauty of this business is you earn as you learn and unlike any other industry out there, the support and free training is second to none.

“If you work consistently every day for 1-2 hours you can grow an international business and help change the lives of many people.”

How can students get involved?

“We have lots of students who have started at this business as a way of earning extra money to pay for daily expenses. But those that treat this like a business have gone on to leave education debt free with an extra choice of profession.

“The option to work part time around other commitments and only needing a mobile phone and WiFi to do so is a great incentive.”

What is your favourite thing about the business?

“I love the fact that anyone can do it. You also don’t need a huge amount of money as it’s only £30 to start a business (in November it’s free with a qualifying order).

Network marketing is a multi-billion pound industry that can allow you to travel the world and get paid whilst working for just a few hours a day. Working in a traditional job doesn’t allow you this same amount of freedom.”

For more information visit www.arbonne.com or to get involved, contact Claire at 07970252808.

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