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Sea Girls at Reading Festival 2019.
Sea Girls at Reading Festival 2019. Image credit: Taz Usher

Reading Festival interviews: Sea Girls

Words by Lois Plummer, Print Entertainment Editor for The Spark. 


“Getting that kind of audience reaction is very powerful when you’re performing.” 


Sea Girls – one of London’s own indie rock bands – gave an impressive performance today at Reading FestivalWith the BBC Radio 1 Stage coloured in neon reds and golden lights, their set was the perfect homage to Reading’s generic roots: rock and roll.  

After their set, The Spark Newspaper got the chance to sit down with lead vocalist Henry Camamile and guitarist Rory Young.  


How do you feel the performance went? 

The crowd made it amazing,” Henry said, “we had a couple of sound difficulties at the beginning, but we definitely powered through it. 

“At the start, I couldn’t hear properly because of the sound problems – I was playing from muscle memory, but it all worked out in the end.” 


How would you describe the atmosphere? Do you feel you connected well with the crowd? 

“When I walked on-stage, I took my earpiece out so I could hear the crowd,” Henry recounted, “it was crazy to hear them chanting our name.”  

 “It was great getting closer to the crowd” – Henry graced the audience with an up-close and personal display of his guitar skills – “They were very generous. Getting that kind of audience reaction is very powerful when you’re performing.” 

Rory also added: “Seeing that kind of reaction from a crowd feels like everyone is on the same page, like they’re all in it together.” 


Sea Girls perform on the BBC Radio 1 Stage.

Sea Girls perform on the BBC Radio 1 Stage. Image credit: Taz Usher


I understand you performed on the Republic Stage last year at Reading, how do your experiences compare? 

Rory stated, “This might sound a bit strange, but I actually preferred playing at the Republic Stage. It was that initial impact of playing at Reading Festival that was such a big deal for us.” 

By contrast, Henry said that he preferred playing the BBC Radio 1 Stage today. 

“It was huge for us. We’ve gone from playing to about 80 people when we were starting out to playing support for Bombay Bicycle Club in Dublin to about 25,000 people.

“These kinds of gigs are always very special to us.” 


There are a lot of big names on the Reading & Leeds Festival line-up – are there any in particular that you look up to? 

“The 1975 are killing it at the moment,” both commented, while Henry went on to note that Foo Fighters were among his musical inspirations.  

I’ve seen them live quite a few times and really love their energy. Rock is such a great and relentless genre

“We’re a rock band at heart, and Reading is a rock and roll festival. Producing that kind of highly energetic performance is important to us.”  

Rory agreed, also acknowledging Billie Eilish as one of his favourites: “her sound is so innovative, the way she creates music gives us inspiration for days.” 


You’ve just released your new single Violet, is this your first time playing it live? How did it feel performing it on such a large stage? 

“We’ve been road-testing it for a while,” Rory said, “we played it in the Netherlands a little while ago, but the reaction here today was very positive.”  

Henry added, we’ve played it a few times at live shows  but it was amazing to play it on such a big stage.”  


Editor Taz and Print Entertainment Editor Lois with members of Sea Girls.

Editor Taz and Print Entertainment Editor Lois with members of Sea Girls. Image credit: Taz Usher


We’re from the University of Reading’s student newspaper, do you have any advice for students or people looking to pursue music? 

Henry’s main advice was 

“Be yourself and do what you love. 

Take up any opportunities that come your way. 

“Keep writing and practising – the outcome is very rewarding.”  


What have you got planned for the rest of the day? 

“We’re going to try and catch The 1975 later, but we’ve also got a lot of driving up North ahead of us!” 


Sea Girls will be performing tomorrow at Leeds Festival as part of their summer line-up ahead of their return to the UK for their October 2019 tour. 

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