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Reading Festival interviews: Queen Zee

Liverpool’s punk group Queen Zee treated fans to a quirky and energetic set on The Pit/Lock Up stage at Reading Festival yesterday afternoon.


The Spark’s Taz and Lois were intrigued to discover the creative process behind the band’s work and aspirations for the future. 


How did your performance go?

“It was good fun. We were buzzing and the crowd were really up for it.”

“There were a lot of younger folk and they even started a pit at the front.”


How would you describe the atmosphere? Did you have a good connection with the crowd?

“It was very British. Classic brits in the sun, enjoying a pint and the music.”


Is this your biggest performance yet?

“No. Brixton Academy was probably our biggest. We also recently played at Liverpool Pride which we had a huge crowd for.”

“Our performances in Paris, which had a 10,000 strong audience, and Leale were also pretty big.”


Are there any acts performing here at Reading that the band look up to?

“Definitely Post Malone, his song White Iverson is great.”

“We remember listening to him when we were younger so seeing how far he’s come is just amazing.”

“Billie Eilish is so cooll, we’re definitely looking forward to her set, and Anderson .Paak has some crazy drumming skills.”


What’s your favourite song to perform live?

“Some of our favourites are Porno and Boy.”


How would you describe the creative process of your music?

“A family argument than ends with a song.”

“We come up with a riff and beat and then jam it into a song until we’re sick of it.”


What’s the origin of the band name?

“It’s Zena’s (lead vocalist) name.”

Zena jokes: “I have a very high opinion of myself”

“We also love Beyoncé, so I guess you can say it’s a knock off of Queen B.”


What else have you got coming up?

“We’ve got the rest of our tour with Skunk Anansie.”

“We’re then going to have some writing time.”


What are your future aspirations – either as a band or individually?

Their responses included: 

“To play in Space. No one’s done it before that would be so cool.”

“To start up a café. Frank’s a great cook.”

“All we’d play is Beyonce. The key changes in Love on Top are amazing.”


Do you have any advice for our student readers?

“Don’t drop out.”

“Get your degree and have a good time.”

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