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Lewis Del Mar on their first European Festival

Lewis Del Mar, the folk-pop duo from Rockaway Beach, New York City, are taking the world by storm. Reading may be their first European festival, but we here at The Spark know it wont be their last. Their set yesterday on the Festival Republic Stage captivated their audience, and though the crowd started out small, they didn’t let that stop them.

The men behind the music are singer and guitarist Danny Miller and drummer and producer Max Harwood and before their set these two lovely guys stopped by the press tent for a quick chat:

Q: Hey guys, so tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you do?

A: (Danny) We’re from Rockaway Beach, New York which is in Queens and we record our stuff in our home there, which is down the street from the ocean. We’ve known each other since we were nine years old but Lewis Del Mar is a new project. We started a little bit more than a year ago now.

Q: Okay, so you’re getting the ball rolling now! And have you played Reading before?

A: (Danny) No this is our first time.
(Max) Yeah, our first Reading.
(Danny) This is actually our first European festival!

Q: Awesome, so whats the highlight of Reading festival for you, as well as your set?

A: (Danny) Probably drinking in the sun.
(Max) Yeah I’m gonna play our set and then drink in the sun. Well, I’m already drinking but, y’know…

Q: So tell me, why did you choose Reading as your first European festival?

A: (Danny) I don’t really think you choose, I mean the festivals over here are really competitive and its really cool to be a part of that so we’re just happy we get to be here but yeah, we didn’t choose.

Q: Well that’s a fair point! So, Reading and Leeds have been known to be the rock festivals of the UK and that’s what sets them apart from others, what other acts are you really looking forward to today?

A: (Max) I really should say some British acts but I really want to see The Internet.
(Danny) We played with Foals in Chicago and they were unbelievable so I really want to see them again! There are lots I want to see and you end up seeing acts you didn’t think you wanted too as well and you always feel like you missed a few acts.

The guys left us with the knowledge that they’d be playing at 4.55pm on the Festival Republic stage so, after a little time had passed, Will and I headed down to the Festival Republic tent to see what the American duo had planned for us Reading Festival goers. Now, while Lewis Del Mar have seemed to boom with their success in America, recently appearing as a musical guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden, they are somewhat unknown on this side of the Atlantic, however, this anonymity probably wont last long. With a sound thats a mix of folk and electro pop, Lewis Del Mar have created a fresh and unique sound, making a niche for themselves in an ever growing industry.


(Photo credit to William Cole)

Stating to the audience that had gathered for the duo that they wanted to “play as much music, as quickly as possible” Miller and Harwood showcased an inordinate amount of talent, putting on an incredible set with a somewhat ‘good time vibe’ feel to it. Miller’s vocals have a seemingly never ending range, and his relaxed tone is easy listening while Harwood’s skills on the drums would put most to shame. The duo seem to have a natural rhythm together, and this is no wonder when you become aware of their background. Although Lewis Del Mar is a relatively new endeavour for Miller and Harwood, the two have known each other since childhood and collaborated on multiple projects. The relaxed vibe from them on stage was also noted in their interview, while Harwood cracked jokes about pre-show drinking and Miller talked openly about which acts he was most looking forward to seeing.

Despite the small turn out at the start of their set, Lewis Del Mar performed at full energy throughout and it was this energy that seemed to draw in passersby up until the very last song. A shoutout has to be made to the extremely talented support band with the duo, who filled out the sound and seemed to be as at home on the stage as Miller and Harwood. With upcoming dates in both London’s Dingwalls and Manchester’s The Deaf Institute in November, Lewis Del Mar are destined to grow in popularity and I highly doubt this is the last we’ll hear of them. Although it is only early days, I predict this dynamic duo may have earned themselves a place in my Top Ten Reading Festival Moments.

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