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Wessex Hall is a picturesque location for student accomodation

Wessex Hall

AS PRESIDENT of Wessex Hall’s JCR, I know I am biased when I say that Wessex is without a doubt the best hall on campus. With its old-school layout, rural location and fantastic traditions, Wessex is unique and caters for a wide range of students.

While most halls nowadays are divided into separate flats, Wessex still dons a traditional integrated system whereby the corridors are open and accessible to all students. This means there is a much greater feeling of community within the halls, making it easier to meet people from different areas of the accommodation.

©University of Reading

©University of Reading

This feeling is furthered by the communal facilities in Wessex which help to bring students together. The downstairs common room is perhaps the best of these, complete with a television, large seating area and table tennis table. Not only is it perfect for meeting new friends, but also for communal pre-drinks!

Wessex Bar, casually known as the ‘ice room’, is primarily used by students at Wessex and Bridges.Hall. Bridges Hall is located nearby, so the bar is a great opportunity to get to know students from other halls nearby on the same side of campus. The JCR is planning to put on karaoke and pub quiz nights on as well over the course of the year for more social activities.

As well as having a lively social vibe, the location of Wessex Hall is ideal too. Despite being located slightly further away from most of the other halls and central campus, it is still only a five to ten minute walk to the hub of campus. Unlike the other halls however, Wessex is also only a five minute walk from Wokingham road; a student’s heaven. This road is packed with local supermarkets and fast food outlets, including a Domino’s and a Subway! What more could you want?

My personal favourite aspects of being at Wessex are the large grasslands and forest areas which surround it. These are perfect for playing sports, hosting BBQs, and just chilling out. This is the perfect spot during the summer months, and lots of socials are held outside here.

While perhaps not as ‘fancy’ as some of the other halls, anyone who has been to Wessex will tell you that this is all part of its charm. Over the year you will become accustomed to our traditions and the loveable quirks of Wessex. Whether it is our football teams, legendary Wessex formals or socials, this is the perfect accommodation for all types of students and by the end of the year, you won’t want to leave!


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