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Childs Hall

Childs Hall

CONGRATULATIONS for getting into Reading, but even more so if you are coming to live in Childs Hall. Childs is a fun, large and modern accommodation block situated in the heart of the campus, and is just a short walk from the well-loved park bar. This bar is perfect for a catch up with friends, sport lovers who want to watch key games on a big screen, and pre-drinking for society socials.

©University of Reading

©University of Reading

Childs is made up of flats housing eight or ten students; some mixed sex and others single, normally depending on your choice when you applied for accommodation. The kitchens are well equipped, but make sure you and your housemates decide on equal cupboard and fridge space!

Now down to the important part: your JCR. We are here to ensure that your first year is one to remember by organising an amazing Freshers’ Week full of fantastic themes and venues, which will give you an insight into what Reading’s nightlife has to offer.

What’s more, our team cover everything from welfare to sports, and will be providing events for you throughout the year. If you see us around, do stop for a chat and we’ll answer any questions you might have about University life – we are here to help. If you don’t stop us around campus, we’re always available on Facebook, Twitter or in the common room situated on the bottom floor of Padworth, so we will never be too far away if you need anything!


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