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Ticket To Ride

Author: Gabrielle Linnett

As an online adaptation of a train themed board game, Ticket to Ride runs the risk of feeling out of place amongst other games; however it succeeds in blending the two formats to form an enjoyable and simple experience.

It is a game based on the single goal of attaining the most points, by claiming rail tracks to connect the destinations on your tickets and by forming the longest route. At the start of the game players are allocated a number of trains to lay, then players collect coloured train cards to match their desired route and lay the trains once they have enough. The game ends once a player has two or fewer trains left. Players choose one of three options per turn, to take two train cards, claim a track or to draw a new destination card; the more destination cards a player builds the track for, the more points they earn.

This game is one of strategy, it can be catastrophic when your opponent claims the route you have been working towards and forces you to waste many trains building a diverted route.

Due to its computerised format the game is carried out swiftly, as opposed to fiddling with small pieces and shuffling actual cards. The online capability also adds to the game’s quality as people can play with friends or with other online users, in addition to being able to play alone. In comparison to other computerised board games, such as Monopoly, Ticket to Ride offers users a quick play time without losing the board game feel.

The original game is based on a map of America, however players are able to buy Ticket to Ride Europe, Ticket to Ride Switzerland, Ticket to Ride Legendary Asia and Ticket to Ride USA 1910. Two games are rarely the same with Ticket to Ride but the additional maps require players to utilise alternative strategies and keeps them on their toes.

For some casual gaming Ticket to Ride is an ideal turn based game that can be enjoyed in short durations or for a few rounds at a time. Ticket to Ride and its variants are all available on Steam to purchase.

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