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The Humble Double Fine Bundle

Author: Gabrielle Linnett

Often seemingly brilliant offers come with conditions which are at first hidden; but the Humble Bundle is the exact opposite. People pay what they want for the bundle of games. It’s possible to pay less than $1 for the three games, or once converted £0.65, but Humble Bundle organisers do put a limit of more than $1 to also get Steam keys for the games. Still, that is less than £1! But with the Humble Bundle, paying more really does pay off.

In addition to the three listed games, if customers pay more than the average person they receive an extra game and if they pay $35 or more they get a fifth game with the additional benefits of a ‘slacker backer’ for the Kickstarter project.

Finally, if gamers pay $70 or more they get the five available games plus a limited edition Double Fine T-shirt. To reiterate: this is a bargain! $70 equates to £45.50, which is a far cry from the amount it would cost to buy these games and the T-shirt separately. The currently available bundle is from Double Fine developers, but the developer changes with each reoccurrence of the Humble Bundle.

The bundle offered by Double Fine consists of Halloween themed RPG adventure game Costume Quest, platform based Psychonauts and Stacking which is an adventure puzzle game revolving around Russian dolls, each with special abilities ranging from flirtation to farting.

The Humble Bundle website provides videos displaying each of the games so no buyer has to shop blind. Due to the ‘name your price’ nature of the offer, you cannot buy only one or two of the games. But even if you only like one of the games, they can be such good value that it would be worth buying the three and not play the others.

The ‘above average’ game is Brütal Legend. Alongside characters voiced by the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford, play through Brütal Legend as Eddie (Jack Black) in a group of rockers to defeat the enemy demons. Not what many would call a serious game; enjoy Brütal Legend as an adventure of awesomeness, which you can get for $8.02/£5.22 alongside the previous three games.

Finally, the almighty $35 or more game Broken Age, previously known as Double Fine Adventure. First seen on Kickstarter, Double Fine appealed for $400,000 of funding for the final game in this bundle, but they actually achieved a total of over $3 million. Clearly a lot of people liked the look of this game.

Although the pledge period has ended, the Humble Bundle allows gamers to become ‘slacker backers’ which entitles them to beta releases of the game on PC, Mac or Linux, the Steam code upon completion and access to private forums featuring concept art and development updates. The Double Fine website offers this at $30, but through the Humble Bundle gamers can get all of this, plus the other 4 games for a minimum of $35.

The game itself is an “old school adventure” about a girl, selected by her village as sacrifice for a monster, and a boy living on a spaceship under the care of a motherly computer, who want to break free and determine a different fate for themselves.

Not only can you buy all five games for $35 or spend a miniscule amount on three, Humble Bundle customers also decide where their money goes once it leaves their online pockets. When buying the games, customers use sliders to choose what proportion of their money goes to the two selected charities by the developers of the Humble Bundle.

Proportional values are shown in digits alongside so everything is clear to the buyer. The charities customers can donate to are Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation; the former is a charity that organises worldwide toy drives for children’s hospitals, while the EFF is a not-for-profit organisation that defends digital rights internationally.

If, after your exams, you want to play some fun games and do so without taking away from your celebratory budget, check out the Humble Bundle for some inexpensive and feel-good gaming. Using Mac? Not to worry because these games will be cross-platform and also available through Steam if you pay $1 or more. Follow the Humble Bundle online for updates on future bundles, as this one ends May 21st.

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