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Society spotlight: GARPS (Games And Role Play Society)

I look forward to Mondays, though that may sound ridiculous. GARPS, the games and role play society has its sessions then, from 7 to 10pm in HUMSS 125/126. It’s the one time each week I don’t think about work at all. I just play games with people, have fun, and relieve stress.

There is everything you could ever want, from big Warhammer 40K games, to smaller ones that you can play without any previous experience, all available every week. We play some well-known games like Settlers of Catan and Cards against Humanity, but also enjoy Betrayal: House on the Hill as a frequent favourite. This is where players explore a house and find random rooms, uncovering events and items. Then one player becomes a murderous traitor and the others must fight for survival.

The society has recently expanded its collection with new games such as Exploding Kittens and Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game. We have also managed to get updates like the daybreak expansion to One Night Ultimate Werewolf. This shows the huge variety on offer every week and you can play whatever you want.

GARPS is just about having fun. This can be very helpful in times of stress, like when assessment deadlines are nearing; you can spend 2 or 3 hours with no way of doing work and not thinking about it, then wake up on Tuesday feeling a lot better about getting it done! There are also larger games available, from Dungeons and Dragons to Warhammer 40K, as well as LARPs (live action role play) which the club sets up annually. Members can at any time bring their own stuff too.

The membership fee this year dropped to only £2 for the whole year, and students from first years to postgraduates gather to have fun, play games and make friends. Special mention goes to the trip into town visiting all the local game shops, and winding up at Sweeney Todd’s pie shop for a meal, though there are other smaller events that happen each year or each term. These include standard socials, bringing in glorious cake, as well as film nights.

You can check out what we do and ask questions on the Reading University GARPS Facebook page, which you are very welcome to join!

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