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X Factor is Back Again, No Really

The famous singing competition, which first aired in the UK in 2004, has been producing the next pop star for just over 12 years. It’s time, however, to question whether enough is enough with this once popular reality television show. 

When it first aired, X Factor received over 5.25 million views on its opening night in 2004, which then increased over the years to reach it’s highest opening night viewership in 2010 with over 11.88 million. After it’s popularity the ratings for the overall show has started to deteriorate, so much so that the Synco reality television show has received its lowest ratings of 6.8 million views since 2005.

Also if we compare X Factor to Great British Bake Off who has recently been named the most watched show of the year and received an average of over 10.4 million views on its first episode, it feels as if X Factor might have had its time in the sun. As well as this, Strictly Come Dancing, the shows long term Saturday Showdown rival, seemed to have surpassed X Factor in the weekly show ratings with over 8.6 million viewers watching Strictly and only 7.1 million the ITV show.

Photo Credit: Press Association

Photo Credit: Press Association

It seems as if the show has just lost its appeal, the winners are not as famous as they once were. It has now got to a point where contestants would be better coming second or third place as previous cycles have lead us to believe. No one knows what 2009 winner Joe McElderry is doing right now, but runner up Olly Murs is doing pretty well for himself right now, even One Direction came third in 2010 and they’re now worth millions. It just makes one question what’s the point in the show other than getting your word out with the fact that you can sing.

I don’t know maybe I’m wrong, perhaps with Simon Cowell returning the show could be as it once was. But for me personally, I just feel like this type of reality television show is dying a very slow and painful death. It isn’t the same as what it once was, X Factor scripted and already planned out. The world has moved on from flashing lights and awful singing, we care more about soggy bottoms and the Hollywood handshake – who knew?

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