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The Girl on the Train: A whirlwind psychological thriller that will leave you emotionally derailed and begging for another ticket

Born from the bestselling pages of Paula Hawkins’s enthralling psychological thriller, The Girl on the Train takes its audiences down a disorientating track of deception, mystery, and retribution as we are thrown into the lives, loves, and lies of three complex women and their corresponding relationships.

The thriller’s permanently pickled Rachel Watson, brought to life by the mesmerisingly brilliant Emily Blunt, leads a constantly intoxicated life as an obsessive ex-wife, consumed by her addiction to alcohol and her ex-husband Tom Watson. As Blunt’s character travels the train into the city each morning, passing the exclusive estate of her former husband and his new family, she spies a young couple neighbouring her old marital home that appear as a young lover’s dream to her desperate and heartbroken eyes.

Watching this lavish pair display an ethereal daily performance of romantic bliss, Rachel becomes infatuated with them through the murky glass of the train window until one day, she sees something that shatters her drunken daydreams. After Megan (Haley Bennett), who resonates an irresistible allure and effortless glamour throughout the narrative, goes missing, Rachel’s obsessions take a darker turn down the tracks of redemption and inquisition, befriending Megan’s partner Scott (Luke Evans). Rachel finds herself entangled in a web of secrets and lies as she earnestly investigates Megan’s disappearance and ultimately discovers she has more in common than first presumed with the mysterious Megan and Tom’s new beautifully blonde wife Anna.

The pure genius and creativity behind the film’s directing and the captivating talent of Emily Blunt in her portrayal of the vision’s protagonist creates a real feeling of authenticity for the audience, who feel like they themselves have stepped into Rachel’s delirious and swaying world. Clever cinematic touches, such as the camera’s mimicry of Rachel’s intoxication by blurring the audience’s own vision, allow the audience to feel part of the harrowing thriller themselves, creating an inevitable feeling of unnerved anxiety and intense anticipation for those watching the film unfold.

Additionally, the fast-paced action on screen combined with broken flashbacks and characters that resemble the rawest human emotions create an overall absorbing and highly exciting viewing experience. If you have yet to see this film, get yourself down to the ticket office now and buckle up for the wildest of train rides, because everything you thought you knew about this book is about to be derailed and reassembled in the most explosive and exciting way imaginable.

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