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Enactus: Student Cinema

It’s the most wonderful time of year (again); the trees are covered in frost, Christmas decorations are filling up halls and Starbucks have finally released their Christmas menu.  The Christmas holiday can’t come soon enough. But before we can make it to Christmas us students have to survive the next two weeks of coursework deadlines and December exams. It happens to best of us, after enhancement week we think we have plenty of time for work, then it hits the 1st December and we realise that we have 10 days to write three 2,000 word pieces of coursework. But instead of succumbing to the pressure at home we head to the library in droves, laden with laptop bags and a pile of library books we will not use but refuse to return on principle that they might come in handy.

In this time of need the Enactus society have decided to give students an excuse for a well-deserved break from work by organising a pop up Student Cinema in the new section of Mondial. The cinema will be the universities first student run cinema on campus and will only be around for the evening of the 8th December (so don’t miss it).

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