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Two Door Cinema Club Smash the O2 Arena

Two Door Cinema Club are an indie rock band from Ireland. Having recently released their newest album ‘False Alarm’ in June, the band has certainly stepped up their game with an incredibly theme-devoted album; the band revolve their tracklist around with lyrics to do with the internet. To complement this lyrical theme, their tour this year consists of a fabulous set up at each concert venue. Their use of lighting, stage backdrop, instruments and the outfits the bandmembers wore reflects their bold album art colour scheme: red, blue and yellow. Alex Trimble’s (vocalist and guitarist) bright blue suit with a yellow turtleneck underneath really was the perfect finishing touch. This concert set up was then used in collaboration with the video screens behind the band, which throughout the concert presented visuals about the internet.

The songs played at the O2 Arena in London were varied across all four of the band’s albums: ‘Tourist History’ (2010), ‘Beacon’ (2012), ‘Gameshow’ (2016) and ‘False Alarm’ (2019). As a big fan of Two Door Cinema Club, I was incredibly happy to re-live my teenage years for a few moments by reminiscing over being obsessed with the song ‘What You Know’. Still, I think it was perfect that the band centred their concert around their newest album’s theme yet didn’t focus their concert tracklist on this album.

Two Door Cinema club are reaching the end of their tour dates; however, I have no doubts that they will be playing at some UK festivals next summer.

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