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Review of Superfood’s new album, ‘Bambino’

In Bambino you can see Superfood moving into a new direction, more electronic but somehow also funkier than before. It’s a weird and vibrant combination, but I’m into it. Some already-released singles are on there, such as the laidback tune ‘I Can’t See’ and the electronic ‘Double Dutch’, with an almost otherworldly vibe in the chorus.

Superfood’s sophomore album opens on a couple of upbeat tunes. The first, ‘Where’s the Bass Amp?’, is fun and danceable which hooks the listener into the album. Some aspects of the song are reminiscent of their debut album, but it’s also completely different in the overall tone. Similarly, the funky bass and smooth vocals of ‘Raindance’ and ‘Natural Supersoul’ got me moving around my room; those two are going to be stuck in my head for a long time.

However, some of the other songs stand out as being a bit edgier than the others. One of my personal favourites is ‘Shadow’: it’s got a faster pace, echoed vocals, and crisp guitar in the background, giving it an eerier vibe than some of the other feel-good songs on the album. Likewise, ‘Need a Little Spider’ had a combination of rock and electronic that reminded me more of Superfood’s previous album, while still maintaining that soulful atmosphere you can hear in the rest of the tracks.

Towards the end, the album starts to slow down. ‘Witness’, with its acoustic guitar and harmonising background vocals, reminds me of something I’d listen to while lying on the grass on one of those rare sunny British days, but the splash of electric guitar towards the end keeps me feeling energised.

Overall, the album is a musical contradiction. It’s funky, yet electronic. It’s chill, yet something I can move to. Bambino can be described a strange combination of moods and vibes, and yet it works. Be sure to check it out.

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