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Welcome back, Adele

Adele introduced us to ‘25’ with ‘Hello’, a seemingly appropriate return from her hiatus. The world has been waiting for her third album for what feels like a very, very long time. Before the release of ‘Hello’ last month, we hadn’t had an album from Adele since January 2011. The gap, however, has been well and truly filled with the gorgeous voice of the quirky songstress.

The video is shot in sepia tone, a clear indication from Adele, as always, that she wants us to focus on her voice and the things she sings about. And she is notorious for always being able to capture an emotion or feeling we have all felt. This single is no exception. Thanks to ‘19’ and ‘21’, Adele has the power and status within the music industry to return from her break with the same type of song that she left us with in ‘Skyfall’ in 2012. There is nothing different in the style of the song but it still feels new and effortless. She is famous for her ballads and this single could have easily have fitted into the track list of ‘21’, but this seems to have a superior tone and theme compared to those that came before it. There is a definite essence of growth and maturity in her voice; it is a bittersweet song about letting go and once again, it can be shared with so many.

She’s labelled ‘25’ as her “make-up” album; a record that forgets about past mistakes, loves, regrets and focuses on the self; carving out time and dedication to get to know the new self she has become and ‘Hello’ is a clear start to this journey.

We are introduced to ‘Hello’ (and ‘25’ for that matter) with a sound that epitomises Adele; the low and tepid sound of the piano. We saw it in songs such as ‘Hometown Glory’ and ‘Someone Like You’ and this is a song that will go down in pop history amongst those greats. Subtle drums and the background harmonies highlight Adele’s impressive vocal range but are present enough to not be overpowered. The production of the single is second to none and nothing short of genius. The first time she breaks into the chorus, we are reminded of the sheer strength and timelessness of her voice.

Goosebumps all round. Welcome back, Adele. You’ve been missed.


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