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The Amazons RUSU concert
The Amazons RUSU concert-Holly Fournier

The Amazons rock RUSU

The Amazons were back in Reading (their hometown) this week with an incredible performance at RUSU on the 27th May. The band is comprised of four members: rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist Matt Thomson, lead guitarist Chris Alderton, bassist Elliot Briggs, and drummer Joe Emmett.

3sixty was filled to the brim with excited and energetic fans who long awaited the band’s performance of their new album, Future Dust. Future Dust was released three days prior to the concert and its first performance was held in 3sixty. As a band that started up in Reading and made their way to popular acclaim since the release of their self-titled debut in 2017, this was something special for the band.

Their most popular song, “Mother”, which already has over two million listeners on Spotify, was played exceptionally well. However, another fantastic song performed on the night was “Georgia”. With a more relaxed vibe, you could truly sense the passion that Thomson put into the lyrics.  The song smoothly shifted from gentle acoustic to electric guitar as it built into a charged chorus and then ended on Alderton’s fervent guitar work.

The Amazons’ stage presence was ecstatic. The set-up of the stage emphasised this as it had a lit-up cave entrance that had a wonderful resemblance to the Future Dust album cover.

If you missed out on seeing The Amazons in 3sixty, they still have many events coming up this year. You can catch them nearby at Community Festival and Reading Festival this summer or at the O2 Academy Brixton in London this winter.

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