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NFR album cover (2019)
NFR album cover (2019)-Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey-NFR album review

America’s  queen of  modern  psychedelia , Lana Del Rey ,  released her much-anticipated fifth  album at the end of August this year.

Titled  Norman  F***ing  Rockwell (NFR), the album  is  named after the  artist , Norman Rockwell, who was famous for representing American culture throughout the 1940s and 1950s in his paintings.  In many ways,  the album is a  “Classic Lana” in the sense that  each song possesses a cinematic quality drenched in Hollywood glamour  (a  sad-girl soundtrack for the ages) with its themes of romance and melancholia.  Del Rey’s  contralto  vocals melt into  a sweet, burning mahogany that has  matured over her expansive discography and the eponymous opening track  features an operatic strings sequence reminiscent of  a film noir soundtrack. One imagines Del Rey at a grand piano singing to an empty music hall, as her  illustrative  vocals  are  dripping with  both intimacy and  gravity.  A master of rich imagery  and story-telling, Del Rey seamlessly paints  places and protagonists  wit her music. Her Americana is  broken New York dreams, the elusive bar singer, the crying prom queen and the lover of a dangerous man all in one. “Mariners Apartment Complex”  invokes the spirit of the Eagles’ “Hotel California”  from 1976 whilst recurring themes of freedom permeate the lyrics-something that is  especially poignant  in our current  political climate. Del Rey clearly reinvigorates the old belief of music as a  driver  of  social change.

If only we would all stop to listen.  

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