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Hello, it’s me…

That’s right Adele finally dropped her new single, after teasing us with a clip on the previous week’s advert break of ‘X Factor’. It quickly got music lovers around the world talking about the comeback of the London singer. It has been 3 years since we last heard Adele’s voice as she recorded ‘Skyfall’ back in 2012, which you might have heard if you haven’t been living under a rock!  

The day of release eventually came, and as usual Adele did not disappoint. ‘Hello’ is a soulful ballad about reaching out to an ex after years of not talking, to apologise about how things ended, however she realises that he’s moved on. Adele’s bold yet fragile voice belts out ‘hello from the other side’ which according to the songstress herself means “the other side of becoming an adult”. As expected Adele’s lyrical genius means the song has been written in a way that many people can relate, so it’s no wonder she’s number one in over 20 countries!

Although it can be said that the new single doesn’t deviate too much from previous songs she’s recorded, but I say why stray from a winning formula? The music video, which features 90210 star Tristan Wilds, not only broke the Vevo record for most views in 24 hours, but also for Vevo’s shortest time taken to get 100 million views. The previous record holder for most views in a day was, of course, Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ which featured an all-star cast. The two singers have similar work approaches as they both write about heartbreak. Albeit one may do it in a more ‘classy’ way, but they do both tackle relationships. As Miss Swift approaches her 26th birthday the two ladies can be seen as direct competitors but who should be more worried? Taylor sells out stadiums where she likes to parade her celebrity friends around however, I can recall an interview where Adele stated she doesn’t like touring so in that respect maybe Taylor shouldn’t be concerned. Yet when it comes to the Grammy’s, T Swift has won 7 out of 22 nominations but Adele has received 10 out of 13. I reckon if you want to take sides, it all comes down to what mood you’re in; if you want to dance around in your room I’d recommend Taylor but if you want to remember that person that held a door for you last week go with Adele.

As expected the comeback took social media by storm as ‘Adele’ and ‘Hello’ were top world trends on the day of release. Nowadays music video means memes. Unsurprisingly, the notorious Lionel Richie classic, by the same name, was merged with the ballad. There’s video of a 6 second conversation between the singers where Adele looks as if she’s had enough of Lionel’s singing and hangs up on him. However surprisingly, most people were amused with the fact that Londoner uses a flip phone in the video when its 2015. It was used for the simple reason that the director doesn’t like filming with smart phones, as to him it’s like shooting a commercial. So there you have it!

I bet everyone releasing music in the upcoming weeks will be hoping Adele doesn’t release anymore songs soon as, let’s be honest, she’s coming for that number 1 spot every time. Adele’s third album, 25, will be released on November 20th so make sure you have the tissues on standby!

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