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Louis Theroux Announces New Documentary

Whether it was The Most Hated Family in AmericaLouis and the Brothel or even his most recent My Scientology Movie, everybody has heard of Louis Theroux. His documentaries are beautifully written and produced and so innovative. Theroux has taught different generations about subjects that they never thought they wanted to know before.

The award winning, and just down right amazing, journalist has created a 3 part documentary series that focuses on the Donald Trump ‘phenomenon’. After filming a series of documentaries in America, Theroux wishes to now focus on the ‘post-Brexit wave of populism’ that has started to appear.

With President Trump already acting on his controversial views like his travel ban, withdrawing trade from 11 pacific countries and his war with the media, the documentary will enlighten us on the man himself. It will also be incredibly insightful to understand both the supporters and the man himself.

“The story seems to change every day with Trump. There’s something new bubbling under. It’s hard to get your head around such a big subject.” Theroux told the Mirror.

“The challenge with Trump would be… something so abhorrent that walks on two legs and is a human being, you have to explore where his foibles come from.”

“Hopefully people will like it. It’s good.”

Of course we will Louis, we love everything you do.

The documentary will appear on BBC Two but is yet to have a public release date.

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