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The Spark meets Howard of Warwick

Howard of Warwick became Howard of Reading for an hour as he came to talk to The Spark about his writing and the publication process. After rejecting regular work writing on something that didn’t interest him, kicking it back and scribbling novels wasn’t an option for Howard. Yet his desire to write never subsided.

Medieval crime comedy literature has never been canonical and it seems Howard of Warwick has found his gap to fill in the market, even if he did carve the gap himself. The problem, he found, was that publishers ask for specific ideas and rarely stray from their list. They want the new *insert canonical author here* instead of new voices. Are they wary of taking risks? In either case, Howard of Warwick met Amazon and saw sales rise. His answer to the question “Well, what now?” was to pursue his venture further. After selling many copies of his trilogy, Howard had the novels printed so he could hold his hard work.

A great life lesson was drawn from Howard of Warwick’s talk. Here was a man who just loves to write and make people laugh, even if it was just himself. But the lesson to be taken was that ‘no’ is never a definite answer when it comes to pursuing passions. If you want to put something out there, you can! Whether it be publishing on Amazon or setting up your own publishing company, never giving up seems to be the defining line.


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