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Employers “fight it out” for top graduates

The thought of leaving university and having to find a job seems terrifying. Students are constantly battling it out to be the most employable. However, it seems that employment for graduates is at an all-time high at the moment, with some graduates being offered five or six positions. This gives them the ultimate opportunity to pick the position they want the most.  

High Filers market research found that 1,000 graduates turned down job offers, this left employers looking for even more top graduates to employ. Research by High Filers suggested that 2015 would be the highest year for recruitment, yet 2016 seems to have topped that.

With more employment rates than ever, graduates are becoming pickier. The growing competition for these graduates from employers have led to better offers. The type of positions that are being offered are becoming even better, appearing to be better paid as well as offering more exciting opportunities, in able to entice graduates.

Investment banks claimed the spot for the highest salaries for graduates in 2016, being set at £47,000. Including 90% of students being offered paid placements at top firms. Graduates can therefore expect to not only receive better jobs but possibly a variety of different roles from a lot more employers.

However, this doesn’t mean getting offers will be easy. Employers are still looking for the most skilled graduates and those who have gone out to develop their skills during their time at university. They are looking for confidence, problem solving skills and experience. It is graduates who present these type of skills are the ones being offered the top positions. Schemes such as the Red Award help to present such skills to potential employers and these type of schemes are becoming more and more valued.

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