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America pushes to restrict tourism unless Peace deals are reached

American officials are increasingly worried in regards to the recent clashes in violence which have been occurring in Colombia since the Peace deals failed.

In the bomb attack outside the presidential palace five American tourists have been confirmed dead, with twenty Americans injured, although identification is still taking place, so this figure could rise.

American officials are publishing new travel rules and are believed to be about to urge American citizens to cease travel to Colombia, in response it is believed that travel insurance will rise due to the safety concerns.» >

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FARC Sends its Condolences and its Anger to Colombian Government

FARC officials have given an exclusive interview to The Daily Farc, sending their condolences to the Colombian Minister of National Defence in response to the news that his mistress was found dead.

Despite the emotional turbulence surrounding the Colombian government, FARC has ceased to relent on pressuring the Colombian administration for its failure to take the appropriate actions to prevent embarrassment to itself. FARC has accused the Colombians of corruption and misleading its own people, suggesting that the Minister of National Defence played a direct role in the death of his mistress, if the recently-found body is identified to be hers

This prompts further investigations amid a flurry of incompetence from the Colombians.» >

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