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When did Libraries Become a Lifestyle?

Aarhus Statsbiblioteket

We’ve all been to a library, they play a vital role in our academic lives, whether we nip inside to collect a book or spend all-night frantically trying to finish an assignment due the next day. Whilst we may associate them with the dorky stereotype, this is no longer the case and I can now safely conclude: libraries are sexy. Libraries are increasingly adapting to our busy lifestyles and now serve as meeting spaces, cafes, music venues, sleeping retreats, gaming rooms, massage parlours and forests.» >

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New Rail Prices: Fare or Unfare?


A significant hike in rail fairs could see students finding it more difficult to escape back home
from exam stress in the future after prices rise by 3%.
As of January 3, 2018 prices have been raised across the country by an average 3.7%. The exact
amount varies by region, with the highest hikes seen in the North.
According to National Rail, the raise in prices will directly help the rail network.» >

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