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Professional travel writing: I of the Sun

Ever wanted to turn your wanderlust into an income? Tell the world about all your experiences? Write about travel? Go beyond writing a blog? Here is an example of how you can turn your travels into a successful travel writing career.  

University of Leeds graduate Richard did just that. At 22 years old he set off from his suburban town with a one way ticket to Malaysia, not sure of where he was going or when he was coming back.» >

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Study Abroad: ‘O Canada!’

The word ‘Canada’ can be traced back to the Spanish or Portuguese settlers. They recorded on their maps Cá nada which translates as ‘nothing here’ – and I can tell you that they were very wrong.

I have recently returned from my term abroad where I studied at the University of Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada if your geography is not too sharp. It was an unforgettable experience and every second was worth it.» >

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A day trip to the magical world of movies

As I sat sipping my butter beer, I could almost imagine myself in the wizarding world; just like when the books first lit up our imaginations in 1997. And a handful of friends became convinced they were wizards. Whether you’re saving money for far away adventures, just want a day away from Reading, are going up to London for the weekend… or you simply want something to do as the winter months set in, this day trip is perfect.» >

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Festive travel: The joy of Christmas Markets

I love Christmas and everything about it. It is a time of great company, perfect food and (most importantly!) mulled wine, which all induce a general feeling of happiness that everyone embraces throughout the festive period. However old you are, every single one of us turns into a child as we try to enjoy the simple things of life and forget all the day to day struggles which bug us for the rest of the year.» >

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New Year in Prague?

As Christmas is fast approaching, I find that my thoughts, instead of thinking about all the food and fun I am going to have over the next few weeks, turn to the next big event in the calendar. The one that has become almost as big as Christmas itself – the celebrations welcoming the New Year.


I have got into a habit of going abroad for these exciting festivities to experience how our European friends from across the channel welcome the first of January.» >

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London travel: The Shard

Jess Freeland

One of the newest features of the London skyline is the Shard and as the name suggests the building resembles a shard of glass. At three-hundred and ten metres it is the tallest building in Europe and if you have not seen it yet, it is as impressive as it sounds.

Visitors to the capital usually flock to the London Eye to get their ‘birds-eye view’ but if I were you I would climb the Shard – with adult advance tickets at £25 it is around the same price as the Eye, yet you get to go more than double the height!» >

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Travel tips: How to pack

Right now I’m packing for a two week long trip up Australia’s West Coast. So I totally need that fancy dress, four pairs of shoes, more than one towel, lots of jackets (it’s hitting 40c but you never know…). Packing can be a nightmare, especially if you are on a limited baggage allowance. Airlines can sniff you out in an instant as you struggle to stand upright! And people never like it when you take up all the baggage area on trains.» >

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Travel tips: Day trips

Katie Parris

Bored at the weekend? Go on a day trip! 

Are you bored at the weekend and fancy doing something different? Here’s my list of things to do whilst studying in Reading:

Reading is well known for its close proximity to London, but there are many other days out to enjoy and experience whilst studying here other than the obvious attraction of ‘the Big Smoke’. One destination which is based relatively close to Reading is the Harry Potter Studios in Watford.» >

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