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Away: A walking tour of Budapest

By Gabrielle Linnett
As I set out from Vienna, I felt somewhat apprehensive about my stay in Hungary’s capital. I knew little about the city and even less about the unique language there. The Cold War had interested me at school and now I was going to a country behind the infamous iron curtain. My suspicion was correct that it would be different to other cities I have visited, but in no way was I left disappointed.» >

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Reader’s pick and travel tips: Canada

By Jessica Freeland

Canada – the land of Beaver Tails, ice hockey and maple leaves. If I could describe Canada in one word I would say it is varied. After living in this glorious country I feel satisfied. I have that warm, content feeling similar to when  you’ve eaten a Sunday roast dinner. Canada is a beautiful and welcoming country. I would recommend that everyone should go, should the opportunity arise.» >

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Travel tips: How to create a travel blog

1. Read other travel blogs

By simply typing ‘travel blog’ into Google it brings up hundreds of different options for you to browse through. Alternatively, you can have a look through various travel magazines. These will often suggest or recommend blogs. By researching widely it is a great way of gaining inspiration; finding out what works and what doesn’t in the blogging world and eventually leads to you creating your own style and approach.» >

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