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A trip to Nepal: Monks and mountains

Nepal is a country that seems to be regularly overlooked compared to other countries in its close vicinity, such as India and Thailand. The country itself is one of the more diverse in terms of culture, wildlife and terrain. Nepal offers some of, if not the best, trekking in the world with the world famous Annapurna circuit and Everest Base Camp treks. The country is very student friendly, the people are naturally some of the most amiable you are likely to meet when travelling.» >

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Gambia: An Exploration of Africa

My first visit to The Gambia was in 2008 due to my love for the culture, I returned a year later. My week long trip included a mixture of charity work and sampling what Gambia has to offer tourists. The Gambia, in West Africa after gaining its independence from the United Kingdom in 1965 has become known for its tourism industry and agriculture, particularly its production of peanuts.

Courtesy of Katie Parris

Courtesy of Katie Parris

Beautiful beaches, mini markets, a wonderful climate and exotic fruit juices

However many are still unaware of the delights that the Gambia has to offer.» >

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The Hitch

A few days ago I landed back in England after a crazy (and incredibly cheap) two weeks hitch hiking through Europe and touring around Morocco. Now you may be wondering how a two week holiday when on a student budget is possible?

Well here’s how! In November I signed up to participate in a charity hitch hike through France and Spain to Morocco, with Hitch. Hitch also runs one to Croatia, if going to Morocco doesn’t sound like your cup of tea.» >

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Tips for Hitchhiking:


1. Group up. 


There is safety in numbers- and if you are female this will relieve some worry about your own safety. Also we found being in a group of three a good thing! It kept up our individual morale and encouraged drivers to pick us up to find out what on earth we were doing!


2. Take the essentials.


A tent (In case you end up stuck at a service station, also reduces costs), road maps of the countries you travel through, a whiteboard (change your destination if you wait for a while, for example, to a road name, a closer town or a general direction i.e.» >

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Top five places to visit in Morocco

Morocco, just a ferry ride from Spain yet an entirely different world. Here are our top five places to visit:

 1. Marrakech – The Tourist Capital, and it is not hard to see why! Check out the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square, full of snake charmers, henna, performers and street food. For the best view of the square visit one of the surrounding Cafes, surprisingly cheap for the best spot in town.» >

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How to: Travel on a budget

Desperate to avoid a dull, wet and lackluster summer? Here’s a few fantastic holiday tips for you to consider, which will relax you from all that exam revision and give you something to look forward to.


Ellen‘s tips for budget travel:

Don’t be fooled by the pricey travel agents! Do it independently with your mates and bag yourself a bargain, you’ll be surprised at what you can find!

Avoid the nasty high season prices and make use of September before term starts.» >

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Plan your summer adventures


If you have ever been to China, particularly rural China, you may understand what I mean when I say that I lived like a celebrity! My experience of China was teaching in a small town (similar to a large town in the UK) called Shuangpai.

It made me feel really proud of what we were doing

The majority of people in the town had never seen a foreigner let alone 16 foreign teachers!» >

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Reader’s top destination: Slovenia

The summer is rapidly approaching, although not before the dreaded exams! But, we all need something to look forward to. So why not book a holiday to the Eastern European country of Slovenia? Nestled in between Italy and Croatia, Slovenia makes the perfect summer holiday destination.

It is a country rapidly growing in popularity, yet it remains much cheaper than a number of other European Countries. Therefore it is perfect for students with a slightly bruised bank account from the past year!» >

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