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Why You Should Join the Harry Potter Society this Year!

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter?

If you have even a passing interest in Harry, his adventures and the wizarding world in general, HP soc is for you. Catering to all levels of fandom, from those who can probably name the 10 most common characters, to those who could tell you the backstory for background characters that are never named, there’s a place for you whether you’re a film fan, a book fan, a subculture fan or someone who just wants to express their deep hatred for Harry.» >

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A life full of cheer at the University of Reading

University is all about trying new things, meeting new people and throwing yourself in the deep end. One way of really enhancing your university experience is by joining a completely new club or society that you’ve never thought of before – and that’s exactly what I did when I joined the University of Reading in 2014. While I knew that Cheerleading was a sport that existed, I had never pictured myself actually taking part.» >

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The Law Society: Not Just For Lawyers

The Law Society is branching out and attempting to reach more students from non-law backgrounds, in addition to continuing to attract the masses of Law Students we associate ourselves with. We have a host of opportunities that people with a general interest in law, as well as just Law students, can enjoy.

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