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Check, Lock, Leave

‘Check, Lock and Leave’ is something that Endsleigh are encouraging students to do when leaving their halls and houses in order to prevent theft attacks on open doors or windows.

This is currently the cause of 50% of all student accommodation break-ins and Endsleigh have reported that almost one third of students have been subject to theft during their time at University.

Endsleigh is therefore starting a new campaign to encourage students to take extra precautions and prepare for all eventualities.» >

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LGBT+ Coffee Hour

Reading University LGBT+ hosts a coffee hour twice a week in Palmer G02; Mondays and Thursday from 1-2pm. This is an inclusive space on campus where students and staff can connect and chat informally with tea and coffee and frequent events. New or want to be introduced to the group? Just wanting to chat? Contact the Buddies at lgbtwelfare@rusu.co.uk.
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“Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounc’d it to you” (Hamlet)

Actor Ben Crystal recently gave a talk at the University of Reading about his work on the original pronunciation of Shakespeare’s language.

Ben has been working on original pronunciation with his father David Crystal, a renowned linguist who was previously Head of the Linguistics Department at the University of Reading.

Original pronunciation is what the pair believes to be how we would have originally heard people talking in Shakespeare’s England.  Ben stressed that now: “original pronunciation is a dead accent.» >

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A step in the right direction

An interview with Symon Sentain, Chair of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

How long have you been the chair of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust?

2 years and 5 months.

How has the trust changed and developed since you became chair?

The Trust has developed a new business model, which is more commercial and entrepreneurial. The Stephen Lawrence Centre, where we are based, now operates as a business in its own right.

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Stephen Lawrence rooms officially opened

Reading’s budding young media moguls are now comfortably situated in brand new offices after the Stephen Lawrence centre located at the back of RUSU building was officially opened on October 11th.

The centre is the new home to student led media outlets Spark*, Junction11 and RU:ON TV and is comprised of a smart new recording studio, editing suite and newsroom. The student media channels have moved from their old building which has now been refurbished and renamed ‘The Study’ as a part of a revamp of the Student Union facilities.» >

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Make a difference this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner it can be very easy for us students to be swept up by the usual excitement and jollities of the seasonal celebrations. For many, Christmas is a time of happiness, jubilation and drinking yet there are those a lot closer to home who aren’t as lucky as ourselves. The Reading Chronicle along with Reading Family Aid (RFA) have organised the Toys and Teens appeal to give families who feel the pressure at this tough time the chance of a happy Christmas.» >

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Students takeover The Oracle

Tuesday 15th October saw The Oracle host its third Student Takeover. This is an event set up for students and offers them the chance to return to the shopping centre after hours and benefit from exclusive discounts offered by major retailers.

With the queue for entry stretching the entire length of the Riverside before the doors opened, the turnout for the event showed its popularity amongst the students. It seems that the queue was worth the wait too as The Oracle had pulled out all the stops to make this wait worthwhile.» >

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University of Reading worth £1.78 million everyday to local economy

The University of Reading estimates that it is worth £1.78 million to the local economy every day, contributing £650 million every year, making it a hugely significant factor in the surrounding area. Indeed, in University towns like Reading, the University itself is often one of the biggest employers. The University of Reading employs around 4,000 people directly and many other jobs depend upon the other economic benefits the University brings to the area.» >

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