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Does subjective marking affect grades?

A recent study by The Independent has found that members of the student body across the UK are beginning to question whether their final classifications are being affected by subjective marking. Students reading humanities disciplines, in which answers are mostly subjective, have been particularly vocal on this matter, with some insisting that it has affected their module choices.

A third year humanities student studying History at the University of Reading said: “As students, we’re only supposed to be marked for what’s on the page, but I’ve had a few cases where a tutor has discounted marks for missing information.» >

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‘Poorest Students’ face cuts

Since the Conservatives took the role of leading party in Britain they have made cut after cut to save the country’s economic state. Unfortunately the latest leaked memos have revealed that the newly planned cuts in education will affect the poorest students.

The Department for Business is considering cutting £350m of grants to the UK’s poorest students and slashing £215m from ring-fenced science funding.

These plans, drawn up by David Willetts, the higher education minister, will affect more than 50,000 students from lower income households.» >

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You can ChangeIt!

ChangeIt! is an online system that allows the students of the University of Reading to voice their opinions and concerns about University life and allows them to influence decisions made concerning the University.

This fairly new system replaces the previous system of ‘The Student Voice’ and has already proved to have more popularity amongst students. Students can submit their ideas and suggestions on the website or support others’ ideas by voting for them.» >

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UoR grads West End show

Two University of Reading graduates have made their West End debut in their Titanic parody show ‘Death Ship 666.’ According to leicestersquaretheatre.com, the plot details how: “a doomed crew and passengers board a half-built cruise ship and set sail to the Bermuda Triangle. As the desperate heroine falls in love with the ship’s dashing, yet troubled Architect, elaborate plots conspire to destroy Death Ship and all that sail on her. In the fight for survival it’s woman vs child, human vs bear and ship vs time.”

Michael Clarkson, graduate of Film and Theatre, and Gemma Hurley, an English Literature graduate, met whilst studying at the University of Reading in 2009 and discovered a shared love and passion for writing and comedy.» >

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Construction Society’s ‘Try a Trade day’

On Thursday 28 November, members of the Reading University Construction Society were invited to take part in ‘Try a Trade day’, hosted by Brookfield Multiplex, the principal contractor at Bridges Hall of Residence student accommodation project.

The day was designed to give the group a taste of the real world of construction work in return for 4 hours that would be given back through RUSU community projects. The event took place at the project site and consisted of second year, third year and master’s students.» >

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Library 24 and refurb opinions

After the University Library has been hitting the headlines over the last few weeks, we have been collecting student opinions.

The Library 24 campaign received a wealth of support and attention from students, university staff and even the local Member of Parliament, Rob Wilson MP, who described Library 24 as: “a great grassroots campaign.”

Rob Wilson continued to say: “As a former Reading University student, I am happy to support this campaign in any way that I can.» >

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Catalogue of Life

The University of Reading has announced that its work in creating a unique list of all life on Earth will be continued by a leading research centre in Leiden, Holland.

The Catalogue of Life, is a list of all life on Earth and provides vital information on more than 1.4 million species. Instigated in 1997 by the late Professor Frank Bisby, this information has been compiled into a dictionary and is used worldwide by biodiversity and conservation groups to protect these species.» >

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Worst week for students loans

The term is coming to an end and for students, funds are most likely to be running low. MusicMagpie, a website that allows people to “declutter for cash” by selling off items such as CDs, DVDs, electronics and clothes, predict that the third week of November is when students are most likely to run out of money. With Christmas looming and the need to buy gifts for friends and family, students will have to begin looking for ways to make money quickly.» >

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