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University of Reading experts discover the oldest words in the world

Researchers at the University have discovered that the numbers one to five are among the oldest
words, dating back hundreds of thousands of years. Professor Mark Pagel has been looking into
the history of Indo-European languages, the basis of our language today, and has found that these
low number words can be found consistently throughout history, some of the numbers have a
possible lifespan of up to 100,000 years.
Professor Pagel said: “It is remarkable to think that words used today, in particular ‘two,’ ‘three’
and ‘five’ connect us with ancestors from perhaps 10,000 or more years ago who would have
used words similar to those in use today.» >

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US VS UK: Academic Experiences of an American Exchange Student

When I stepped foot onto The University of Reading campus I had no idea what to expect academically. I had not really given the academic portion of my study abroad experience much thought. I chose the university for its closeness to London and the many airports there-in – my mind was on travelling and culture. I was far more concerned with my ability to traverse Europe when choosing an exchange university.» >

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