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ECOSOC: STILL waiting for a Resolution! 27/11/16

After a two day battle for some sort of resolution on the topic ‘Quality and Inclusive Education for All’, a draft resolution (1.1) has been proposed. The draft has had collaboration on an international level, and the delegates all state their pride in the co-operative development of a resolution on a topic as vital as education. The clauses in the draft resolution successfully refer to improvements in gender and religious equality, education for illiterate adults, pre-primary education globally, and a UN trust for funding.» >

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ECOSOC: NEARLY a Draft Resolution! 27/11/16

ECOSOC are yet to reach a Draft Resolution on yesterday’s topic: Ensuring Inclusive, Quality Education for All and Promoting Lifelong Learning in Line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

This morning, the debate commences. But, the Republic of Korea has merged working papers 1.2 and 2.1 overnight, and the delegate’s working paper 3.0 has the signatories of the majority of the delegates. A few examples of the clauses on this paper are;
Emphasises on pre-primary and primary education,
Recommends the establishment of an education trust which developing nations can apply to,
Calls upon promoting equal education between different gender and culture,
Proposes a global scholarship award to ensure countries benefit from better education system.» >

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