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The super-saver student experience

Tuesday 15th October saw the return of the extremely popular Student Takeover at the Oracle, only this time it was bigger and better!  Apon arrival I was greeted by a significantly long queue of excitable and restless students, keen to get in and find some great discounts.  As soon as half 8 struck, the doors were opened and the stream of students hurried in. Once inside I noticed there was a buzz in the air; a sense of exclusivity being able to shop at this time of the evening in the shopping centre.  A DJ on the first floor was booming out the latest chart songs as the shoppers hurried from one store to the other, which provided a great backdrop to the evening.» >

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An outfit with a bang!

I can understand the desperate want to sparkle this Bonfire Night – some of the new highstreet collections include some stunning pieces– but this autumn is also all about comfort, and in particular, layering.
Therefore we can invest in some big cosy jumpers to add to our wardrobes, which I just can’t get enough of. Bring Halloween out all year round with this wickedly simple jumper from Topshop.
Despite being thick it’s perfect for when you’re out watching displays in the cold evenings, it is also very fitted, meaning that you continue to keep your figure while still feeling warm.» >

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Behind the scenes with Boohoo

As a Youtuber partner, I am sometimes lucky enough to be invited to some really quite snazzy fashion events, namely – the Boohoo Christmas advert shooting. On Saturday (12th October) myself and some of my fellow Youtubers/Blog girlies headed over to Shoreditch’s Hoxton Bar to work behind the scenes (and also be an extra in the advert itself!)

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 18.32.35Youtubers from left to right: Me! (jambers8), Lulutrixabelle, TashaGreen, LeanneWoodfull, Voussontbeauetbelle, EleanorSusan

We started our day at the St Pancreas hotel near Kings Cross where we received our outfits from our manager.» >

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Florence’s Vogue Fashion Night Out

Currently on my year abroad in Florence, Italy, I was lucky enough in September to experience the real spectacle that is Vogue’s Fashion Night Out.

An initiative started in 2009 to support the fashion industry during a tough economic period, the Fashion Night Out means that all us shopaholics can experience the magic of this global celebration every year in cities all over the world.

Organised in the city centre, the Florentine stores were kept open late and welcomed shoppers to experience live music, stylist advice, manicures, make overs, and even gold leaf tattoos.» >

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AW trend: Tartan

The thought of tartan seems to conjure up ideas of Scottish men in their kilts, mum’s apron, or the stereotypical picnic pattern. Forget what you already knew about the pattern, AW13 has reworked it with a bang.
Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 18.50.44
Designers such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and Celiene all exhibited their take on the pattern for this season. But lets get back to reality and stop fantasying about the treats that would probably leave us homeless if we went ahead to purchase them.» >

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AW trends: Fur

Winter is approaching and it’s becoming vastly apparent that wrapping up warm is essential. However, an issue with this is that often, layering up can leave you looking a bit like a homeless Eskimo. Alas, there is a way to avoid this and the secret is fur!, faux fur – might I add. Fur is a simple way to get cosy really quickly, all whilst maintaining style (and dignity).
Coloured fur is massively in this A/W season.» >

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AW trend: Boots

As the autumnal weather arrives in full swing, boots are an absolute essential to battle the cold, not to mention the fact that they’re extremely fashionable. This article lists the boots that will be popular this autumn and winter.
First, knee-high, fold-over suede boots are in fashion. They look great toned down with jeans or dressed up with a fashionable winter coat and tights. A heeled boot is also a popular option and can be tucked into jeans to add glamour.» >

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AW trends: Punk

As Sandi Thom sings “I wish I was a punk rocker”, we’re all starting to come round to her point of view now. In the song ‘anarchy was still a dream’, but this season punk has rocked its way into mainstream fashion culture. From head to toe: the bleached hair, mesh tops, tartan kilts and ripped jeans there is the brooding atmosphere of rebellion amongst the fashion world.
Cut out biker boots, originating from that perennially unobtainable Kurt Geiger pair, are practically de rigeur both high-end and in the high street.» >

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