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Students take part in food diversity review

We are currently planning our third Food taster group!! The first two went well and we have received really good feedback! The first event was hosted on the 20th of November we discussed some of the hot meals and homemade meal opens the catering outlet. Several topics were discussed regarding hot meals, this included prices, quantity, and quality. We also spoke about the importance of alternating the menu to offer more choices for our diverse community we have here in the University.» >

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The best foods for your mental health

Photo by Miranda Fritz on Unsplash

Finding ways to boost your mental health can be difficult. When university is incredibly stressful, I know that when things get tough it can feel like even the smallest thing to boost your mental health can be perceived as too much effort. However, one of the easiest things you can do to boost your mental health whether you’re feeling anxious or depressed for example, is to eat foods which contain natural nutrients and chemicals which can boost your brain chemistry.» >

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My cooking revelation: turning meal making into a hobby.

Photo by Alyssa Kowalski on Unsplash

I’ll admit in my first year I didn’t do very much cooking at all, it was so much easier to quickly put something in the oven or heat up something from a jar.  They were never exciting meals and probably not very nutritious so going into second year I decided to change this and learn to cook. I looked for recipes of how I could make my favourite meals at home, one useful thing was that most recipes gave difficulty ratings, for now I just stick with ones that are marked as easy but depending on your skill level you could try something a bit more adventurous.  » >

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The Botanist Reading Serves Up an Autumnal Treat

While crisp, auburn leaves provided a visual celebration of Autumn in our natural landscape, The Botanist Reading celebrated the changing of seasons with the launch of their new menu. 

The restaurant’s Autumn a la carte food and drinks list flaunts rustic, authentic flavours presented in the form of both British, traditional dishes and more exotic meals inspired by cultures from across the globe. 

The Starters and Nibbles sections of the menu feature diner favourites including calamari, chicken wings, garlic bread, and houmous.» >

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