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Lent- It’s not all about giving up sugar

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As I was growing I encountered two main options for things to give up during Lent: to give up sugar, to give up school. Neither of these options seemed particularly possible so I used to avoid Lent altogether. Now as an adult Lent means something very different to me. I take it as an opportunity to make something that resembles a New Year’s Resolution but with much less commitment: 40 days instead of a full year.» >

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Places to spend a date in Reading.

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Date Ideas in Reading 

While Valentine’s day has been and gone, there’s never a bad time to take out someone special. To help keep your dating lives active, here’s some ideas for what you could get up to. 

  1. AnEscape Room  

There are currently around three or four companies in Reading offering Escape Game experiences, and these are perfect for a date as, if you’re thinking on your feet, it’ll be easier to avoid any initial awkward moments.» >

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Simple ways to help the fight against Climate Change

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Words by Eden Eddolls BA History and English Literature 

It is only really within the past two years that climate change has had the spotlight it deserves, with influential figures such as Greta Thunberg being at the forefront of the fight as well as campaigns around the UK and Europe from Extinction Rebellion.  However, it is hard to ignore the scorching events of climate change (no pun intended), particularly with the latest tragedies of the Australian bushfires.  » >

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Sabby Studies

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Last month, I told you about some of my favourite study YouTubers, or StudyTubers, who help motivate me to crack on with the work I have to do on those days when I just really don’t want to get out of bed. Personally, I find watching other students getting their productive on truly inspiring and it often gives me the little push of motivation that I need.  

 While these videos, from ‘study with mes’ to revision tips, can be helpful to the point of inspiring you to become a better person, I am also aware of the dangerous student culture of comparing oneself to others. » >

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What is it to stay calm, cool and collected?

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Today, many people are dealing with stress and they do not know how to stay calm with all the studies around. A stress response is a high activation in the body and brain where there is no adrenaline, negative emotions, panic and anger. There are three main ingredients to deal with stress which are: confidence (to deeply trust oneself); hedonia happiness (thing that give us pleasure by accomplishing or achieving things); eudaimonia (happiness that comes from making a difference).» >

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